1972 Mk3 Ford Cortina


Well here it is, the new responsible family car my four door mk3 cortina in evergreen.

Originally a 1600L but now running a 2ltr ohc pinto engine from an 80s Sierra.

It is lowered on its original steel wheels and has had an Alfa Romeo leather interior fitted (it came with the original interior and springs if I want to put it back to stock at some point) and I have fitted front and rear inertia seatbelts

It’s a one year only car with the washer pump and intermittent wiper switch mounted on the floor.




2 thoughts on “1972 Mk3 Ford Cortina

  1. Hi.. I am nerd!

    I love the car, I’ve got an Onyx green Mk3 with a V8. I’ve been looking at a seat swap, what model Alfa was the interior from?

    1. I don’t know to be honest, I’ve actually replaced them with original seats now although I’m on the lookout for a better set of tan ones!

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