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Vw Type 34 razoredge Ghia sunroof motor shaft

Disaster! The flexible shaft coupler which joins the sunroof motor and gearbox has snapped, this 48 year old piece of rubber had perished and finally gave way whilst I was putting the sunroof back together.

Thanks to the sterling work of Lee Hedges at T34 World I learnt that there were three sizes of flexible shaft on a T34 Ghia and that mine is the 100mm version, while searching online for any equivalent part (unsurprisingly the T34 part is no longer available) I found a Porsche part for an early 911 which looks identical and reports to be 97mm so I can safely assume that this will fit fine however only being available in the us and having a hefty shipping cost I’ve decided to give fixing mine a go first!

I found some braided PVC hose which was the same diameter as the original rubber hose which when push fitted into the metal ends seemed very solid so having cleaned all the residue from the ends I cut the hose down to the correct length and glued it into them using some epoxy resin.



This seemed to do the job fine and after being left to dry I fitted it up to the car, adjusted the sunroof clutch and tested it.

What with the reconditioned gearbox and new cables my sunroof now shuts smoothly and fully for the first time since I’ve owned the car!


Since doing this I have actually found that Porsche part number 90156461506 sunroof shaft is a perfect fit and only cost around £15