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Dan Williams Allstars

Back in 2007 I did some live recordings for DWA crammed into a rehearsal space using a 10″ Apple iBook and a Presonus Firepod straight into garage band I can’t remember exactly why we recorded it now but I remember Tom used an edited version that he took from the audio which went on the second DWA Album, I do have all the original source files but below are the live mix versions unedited (besides a little EQ) and rough…



Skull Shaped Rock




This confession has meant nothing




Kicking K


Chucking Salt


Matt Starts



Press To Continue the lost songs…

So today I came across some old live recordings from 2007, the first PTC gig recorded 20th of September @ The George Hitchin…

Here is the first song, Chucklehead by Press To Continue


Song 2 – Knowledge by Operation Ivy


Song 3 – LDN by Lilly Allen


Song 4 – Beer by Reel Big Fish


Song 5 – All Hail Dude by Press to Continue


Song 7 – Monkey Man by The Specials


Song 8 – Another Girl by Press To Continue


Song 9 –¬†¬†Superman by Goldfinger


Finally song 10 – Nicotine Girl by Press To Continue


I don’t know why but whatever we played 6th isn’t on the HDD.